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Dan LeFebvre


Dan LeFebvre

Founder, Agile/Scrum Coach
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Dan LeFebvre is the founder of DCL Agility, LLC, a provider of agile and Scrum coaching, training, and transition services. He is a Certified Scrum Coach with over twenty years in software product development as a developer, manager, director, and coach. He has been applying agile practices to successfully deliver products since 2003.

Dan helps software engineering organizations improve quality and productivity. After successfully delivering software products in diverse industries, he has developed a strong passion for helping organizations create great products and teams.

Dan spent two years as the internal agile coach for Kronos, Boston-based Software Company, where he coordinated and implemented Scrum in the 700 person engineering organization across all sites including Massachusetts, Atlanta, Chicago, Oregon, Montreal, British Columbia, Belgium and India. This resulted in increased visibility into the development process and a reduction in defects by 60% in 18 months.

Dan holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Boston University. He is a Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Professional, and the first Certified Scrum Coach in New England. He has contributed articles to Scrum Alliance and Boston SPIN. He has presented at Scrum Gatherings, agile conferences, and agile user groups around the country.


“Dan is a highly motivated and organized professional who is passionate about all things Agile. He was a force to be reckoned with in the introduction of Scrum and further advancement of Agile practices in our company. His knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and incredible mentoring skills made him extremely successful at helping new ScrumMasters and product owners understand their roles and become advocates and coaches for their own teams. Dan was often asked to coach teams who were struggling the most with the new concepts and roles and was a key contributor to the success of Agile at Kronos. Dan created and offered training in multiple areas including estimating, planning, Scrum, and Agile Practices. Dan worked with all levels of management in helping them to understand their roles in an Agile environment, and to give them the tools and skills necessary so that they could help their own teams. I would strongly recommend Dan to any company interested in making Agile successful in their organization!”

Terri Landry, Director of Software Engineering Operations, Kronos


“Dan has all the goods. He has that rare combination of a keen intellect and outstanding interpersonal skills. Dan became the singular Agile and Scrum leader and expert at Kronos - tirelessly and effectively educating teams and making the process work for a wide variety of tasks and projects. Dan was a key figure in helping Kronos achieve sustainable productivity gains, higher quality, and continuous improvement.”

Mark Champine, Security Architect, Kronos


“Dan's consulting skills are top-notch. He is skilled in working with employees on a one-on-one, small group, or cross group basis. He does a good job of providing his clients the tools that they need to be successful and monitoring the level of that success, but he does not drag them kicking-and-screaming. The term used above "self-discovery" is apt here. Dan has done a great job of training us at Pegasystems to ask ourselves the right questions and he is providing the tools we need to answer those questions.

David Picariello, Solutions Architect, Pegasystems


“Affecting and managing radical change, such as moving from a standard waterfall process to Agile/Scrum methodologies in an organization of 600 employees is a lengthy and challenging process, and Dan was crucial in facilitating that change. Additionally, Dan provided coaching assistance with other critical aspects necessary to any project’s success, such as collaboration techniques, conflict resolution, and facilitation skills. I frequently called on Dan to assist me in improving various aspects of my teams and projects, always with great results.”

Paul Gaetani, Senior Product Manager, Kronos


“An enormous help in getting Scrum started within Pegasystems. His quiet lead by example style coupled with a strong grasp of the concepts and how to apply them in the real world has helped Pega make a huge change in direction that is already paying benefits. We went from an iterative waterfall style to a set of 25 scrum teams operating across a newly redistributed applications architecture within 4 months. It was tough and there were bumps along the way. However the end result is that our latest release is going to deliver 3 times the functional content than our last release and the timeframe for building and testing it has significantly reduced.”

Tom Gardam, Director of Test Engineering, Pegasystems


“If you're looking to get Agile methods put in place at your company, Dan is one of the best guys in the country who you can hire. He has a strong background in successfully adopting Agile at a large engineering firm and he is very well-versed in Agile and Lean methods. He has been to countless trainings, presentations, and forums to share his experiences and learn from other people's experiences. And when you combine that knowledge with his creative talents and his ability to come up with unique solutions to your specific challenges, you will be impressed with the results that Dan can bring you. Every implementation of Agile methods at a particular company is different, so you can really save yourself a lot of time and money when you hire Dan to help you.”

Matt Zembruski, BT Conferencing


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